Freediving course (Stage A) combined Spearfishing workshop with ANT JUDGE

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  • Duration: 3 Days (approx.)
  • Location: South Townsville, QLD
  • Product code: stageasw

Remote Area Dive has invited Ant Judge holder of 7 national
records in both depth and pool disciplines  and spearfishing legend. To
run a  Stage A (beginner ) Apnea Freediving course combined with a Spearfishing workshop for beginner spearo's and people wanting to expand on there spearfishing skills.


On this course we will cover these subjects:

- Freediving categories.

- Safety for Freediving. Rules of behaviour for Freediving.

- The buddy system and the role of the buddy and diver in

- Training session planning.

- The difference between a depth session and a Spearfishing

- Equipment for Freediving. Which mask, snorkel, fins and
suit to choose when you go training...

- Physiology of Freediving.

- Proper breathing for Freediving. We will discuss the first
of 3 stages of proper breathing.

- Relaxation techniques for static training. Relaxation is
the most important aspect of static training.-

- Equalisation techniques.

- Preventing pressure injuries (barotraumas) whilst

- Freedive emergencies.

- Avoiding and reacting to blackout and “surface samba”
(loss of motor control).


Spearfishing WORKSHOP

- Learn Everything you need to know about how to spearfish in the one workshop. 

- This workshop covers topics that include 

- Safety, how to increase your abilities the right way. 

- How to avoid Shallow water blackout.

- How to safeguard yourself from marine hazards. 

Gear selection.

- How to select the right gear for your spearfishing. 

- Why and how to use all spearfishing gear. 

- Speargun tuning, get the most out of your gun. 


- Understanding the reef and how to find the fish you are looking for. 

- How to read a fish finder and contour maps. 

- Fish anatomy and shot placement.  

- Spearfishing sustainability and ethics. 


1 x Evening theory session ( 23rd March 2018)

1 x Classroom theory and Pool work ( 24th March 2018)          

1 x Out on the Reef freediving to 20m ( 24th March 2018)


Morning tea, Tea, Coffee, water and afternoon tea provided
on both days. Lunch will also be provided out on the reef as well as lead
weight for both days.


Not INCLUDED - Suit, mask, snorkel, fins


Course students will be able to purchase equipment through the shop on the first day of course.